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Remedy is unique in the hemp world. As a heavily Indica dominant hybrid (Afghan Skunk x Cannatonic), it grows into round, sturdy bushes with dense flowers rich with terpenes and a decidedly sweet aroma. It’s Indica-inspired stature makes Remedy an excellent strain for row cropping, with no extra support necessary. Remedy harvests on or before October 1st at the 45th parallel, and exhibits excellent mold resistance.


Why Grow Remedy?

The hemp market is becoming more saturated every year. With relatively few varieties available, it is important to cultivate hemp that is reliable in the field, and desired within the market. Right now everyone is growing the same six reliable strains, one of the low-quality open source varieties (cherry wine, BaOx, etc.), or a mystery name cultivated by a fly-by-night breeder (insert fruity name here).


We have been growing Remedy within the hemp market for three years. We have sold out every year. In 2019 we sold out before the end of November. This variety is in high demand, and until now has only been grown from clones. Now is your chance to be among the few growers to plant this money-maker in 2020!

Diesel Auto-Flower

Next release- May 2019!


Remedy CBG

Next release- May/June 2019!

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