Are your seeds feminized? Yes! All Seed Co. strains are feminized S1 or F1 hybrids. Some males and hermaphrodites are always a possibility when planting large fields, so be sure to walk your fields early in flower to make sure all your plants are female. 


Are your strains all federally compliant? All of our strains are 2014 Farm Bill compliant, meaning they all test well below 0.3% Delta-9 THC even after harvest. If your state is requiring TOTAL THC testing below 0.3% this year, we do not recommend growing Remedy.


When is Remedy ready for harvest? At the 45th parallel, Remedy harvests on or around October 1st. This has worked nicely for avoiding mold and mildew issues related to the mid-September rains common in Oregon. In the rainy Septembers of 2016 and 2019, our Remedy plants saw little to no mold! 


Do you have a minimum order? Our minimum order is 500 seeds. We believe in making sure our seeds are available to even the smallest backyard growers, and want to make sure that small farms have quality genetics available. We have a tiered pricing structure from 500-100k seeds. 


What types of payment do you accept? We can process credit and debit cards for small orders. Anything over $2000 can be paid through bank transfer or check.


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